Transforming lives through innovative antibody therapeutics.

VVB Bio is a cutting-edge biotechnology company dedicated to transforming lives through innovative antibody therapeutics. Our unique platform allows us to target one, two or multiple disease genes to address unmet healthcare needs with the goal of enhancing the wellbeing of the global population.


To create a healthier future for all by developing new therapies for patients with rare genetic diseases, inflammatory conditions, heart and kidney disease, and by targeting ageing processes to extend human healthspan.


Our Pipeline

VVB01 and VVB02 are pioneering multikine inhibitors. VVB01 effectively treats rheumatoid arthritis and both acute and chronic kidney disease. VVB02 serves as a potent anti-inflammatory agent for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), acute inflammation, and age-related macular degeneration. VVB03 enhances human healthspan, while also showing efficacy in Alport syndrome and cancer.

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A passion for unlocking the potential of biotechnology to improve human health

VVB Bio was founded by leading scientists and accomplished industry experts. After operating for three years, our dedicated team is excited to reveal three innovative therapeutic programs that will advance into clinical trials.

Stuart Cook

Sebastian Schäfer

Andrew Khoo

Susanne Weber


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Based in the thriving biotech hub of Singapore

Strategically positioned to collaborate with leading academic institutions, research centers, and other industry partners to drive our vision forward.


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